Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stone Crabs @ Trulucks

If you are in the Houston area on a Monday night, you HAVE to stop by Trulucks! They have $60.00 all you can eat fresh Florida's Stone Crabs!

I have been craving stone crabs for a while so yesterday I asked my husband to take me there, we were so impressed, not only we had to wait for 15 minutes for our table cause on a Monday night at 9 pm, the restaurant was full! Wuju! guess the recession passed through Houston without much damage... But the atmosphere was very cheerful, the piano was playing, jazz in the backgrounds, drinks everywhere and medium size stone crab claws floating around!

We sat down, and you have a choice of soup or salad, or both to start with, portions are very generous, and when you are ready to attack the stone crabs, a group of broken claws come your way, between 8 - 7 on the first serving, giving you enough to cover the $60.00 right there. You also have a choice of any of their side dishes, we choose sweet potato fries that were delicious! and grilles asparagus. After you are done with your first tray, the server asks you if you would like some more and brings smaller servings of 3 claws at a time until you satisfy your appetite. I made it through 13 of them...

We enjoyed a bottle of sauvignon blanc, and finish our evening with a delicious carrot cake! The service was excellent and the environment was fabulous! Highly recommend it!