Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dinner at RDG

Last night I had dinner for the first time since Cafe Annie became the new RDG, I have to tell you my first impression when we pulled into the valet was great environment! The decor was very modern, loved the long stairs with dim lights overlooking the wine cellar. One little detail though, the bathroom is tucked behind those two flights of stairs, hmmmm I don't know how that works after a couple of martinis!

We sat down at the patio area and we got our cocktails promptly, we put an order for some appetizers that came really quick, guacamole and homemade chips that was very fresh and flavorful. And we also ordered some crab and avocado tartar that was.. one word, AMAZING! So far so good, we enjoyed our appetizers over a glass of champagne, and after we were finished the empty plates sat in our table for almost 25 minutes... when we finally could flag a waiter over, we refilled our drinks and got our entrees ordered.

Because of the delay on placing our orders, we had to wait another 20 minutes before our entrees made it to our table. The food was nicely presented and perfectly cooked... but our waiter had trouble remembering who had what... I mean, we were only 3 people at the table! how hard can it be?
 don't they have to put numbers on every seat so they don't get confused? At this point we ordered some water for the table, that, well, never made it....

Anyways, I ordered the Grilled Red Fish with a lemon/butter sauce and steamed asparagus, it was delicious! We also had a couple of petite fillets topped with some crab meat that were very nicely seasoned. After we finished with our entrees we were ready for dessert, we placed our order and since we have been waiting for so long, we decided to get the check as well, we hand our credit card and start wrapping out the night. For dessert we ordered fresh strawberry cheese cake and an apple crisp with dulce de leche ice cream, they were really great!!! We were done with dessert after another 15 minuets or so, and we prolonged our conversation for a while, when we finally found someone to come attend to us, we ask for our check, and they bring the itemized receipt, we remind them that the waiter had already taken our card 20 minutes before, and they returned 10 minutes later with the copy for us to sign....

It was a nice gastronomical experience, but the fact that we never had any personalized service, and we had to flag waiters to come and get empty plates and new drink orders kind of takes the joy our of eating on a restaurant... I don't think I will go back, it was a wednesday night with not 100% occupancy, I can not even imagine how it would be on friday or saturday?!

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