Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Light and delicious!

Since the holidays are just around the corner and we need to fit in that cute black dress for the Company's Christmas party, I have decided I am going to post some recipies that will make you not only feel full and good, but also that are low on calories.

You can start your day with a Light Vanilla Activia Yougurt, I absolutely love this kind, it is sweet and not as heavy as most of the other other there, perfect to mix it with your favorite fruit! And it is only 70 calories!

In my case I like to add 1/2 a cup of my favorite cereal, today I used Honey Nut Chex, that gives you 160 calories per 3/4 of a cup, so you roughly have 120 calories here. Then I added 2 strawberries sliced, the calories in these are between 7 and 10 each, so you assume you have 20 more calories here. Then I top it with a drizzle of my favorite raw nuts, for me walnuts do the trick but you can add pecans, almonds, anything! The caloric intake should not be more than 60 calories in the walnuts, that is if you put a quantities similar to 3 whole walnuts... remember this is to add crunch not to add consistency.

Roughly you consumed 250 calories, which most of them are not from fat, so you would be able to burn them easily throughout your morning!

If you are hungry in the middle of the morning you can have lots and lots of hot tea and a banana, or you can also get different varieties of 100 clories snacks!

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