Sunday, September 5, 2010

Petite Petite

This is my new obsession, Petite Petite by Micheal David, the Shiraz from California that is affordable and amazing at the same time!

We picked up 6 bottles of it before driving to Toledo Bend on Thursday, I was amazed to find out that HEB (the supermarket in Houston) has it for $15.00 when Specs (the biggest wine distributor in Texas) sells it for $18.50... Anyway, we picked up the last bottles off the shelves and proceeded to put them in our cooler so they wont be exposed to the sun while we drove, after all, it is only 100+ degrees in Texas...

My husband and I, together with our friends have enjoyed the simplicity of this wine, so crisp and light that it has been paired with b.b.q ribs, crawfish etouffe and everything in between! But it is just so good that is hard not to break the rules on pairings!

We enjoy it a little cooler than usual, we leave it in  the refrigerator for around an hour before serving it... I hope you get a chance to try it!

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