Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Region of Priorat, Spain

Yesterday night after cooking for 5 hours a Short Rib Lasagna, we open an amazing bottle of Spanish wine, I will have to be honest now, I do not know how this wine got to our shelves or what kind of wine it was, but the label was pretty cool and since it was with the other "every day" wines, I thought it should retail between $15 - $20. Well, today before starting to write this post I went online and tried to get some more info about it, guess what? there is nothing to be found about this wine! I can not find price, reviews, nothing!

Oh well, I guess I will have to make my own guess about it all, I am assuming or at least hoping it is not more than $20 - $40, very bold and strong flavor, amazing woody smell, lots of bleeding and sediments, perfect for a flavorful meal like Short Rib Lasagana.

The composition of the wine goes as follow:

20% cabernet sauvignon
40% garnacha
40% mazuela
Imported by Montesquieu Winery

I love the label on the wine, the code of arms on top with the keys and the cross, it seems very antique, regal, colonial, I don't know it just has a great feeling to the whole experience of enjoying this unsual bottle.

The only thing I could find about this wine is: 
"Priorat is now one of the most happening wine regions in Spain, but one which fairly recently gone through huge transition. Old-style Priorat had a reputation for being rough and massively alcoholic, but since the 1990s things have changed, and now the best wines from this region are some of Spain’s most sophisticated and sought-after reds."

If you have more info about other wines of the region I should try send us an email to or leave us a comment. 


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